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Escape to the Outdoors and Detox from the Digital World


From rolling out of bed and immediately checking our phone to skipping our lunch break so we can finish sending “just one more!” email, we’re all guilty of letting the digital work world get the best of us on a way-too-regular basis. Pulling ourselves away from our screens can often feel like breaking an addiction, but it’s also one of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves, our employees and our company. Embark on corporate wellness retreat and get ready to trade in your screen-time-saturated world for big, blue skies and fresh mountain air—and watch your team’s productivity skyrocket as a result.

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Avoid Burnout and Achieve Balance Through a Corporate Wellness Retreat

While technology has done amazing things for the work world, it’s also instilled in our employees a need to constantly be plugged in to their devices. Think about it—there’s really no 8-5 out there anymore that’s actually a strict 8-5. We’re answering work texts at 7 a.m. and sending work emails at 7 p.m.—there’s no escaping it these days. It’s no secret that this 24/7 digital world stresses us out and, while we may think the more plugged in we are, the more productive we are, the opposite is actually true. Studies show that stressed out individuals are actually less productive on a daily basis—this in addition to being unhappy and, on average, leading shorter lives.

Thus, it’s so important to develop skills and boundaries that help us maintain a healthy work-life balance (and, if we’re lucky, our sanity as well!). One of the best ways to help our team develop these skills is via a well planned company getaway. This not only sends the message that we’re committed to our employees’ health and happiness, but also allows for a space and a setting where our employees can unplug, tap-in, and ultimately develop the tools they need to bring balance (and, consequently, extra productivity) back home to the workplace.


Help Your Team Learn How to Focus During Stress

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One of the things we like to hone in on at our Lake Tahoe wellness retreats is implementing customized activities that help employees learn how to manage daily stressors. Whether it’s a fun, hands-on essential-oils workshop, our “Breathing for Focus and Stress Management” meditation class, aerial yoga or even cardio drumming (say what?!), we offer tons of options for a custom-built wellness retreat that suits your team’s style and needs. We want your team to feel like they’re getting away from the work world and simultaneously developing the skills they need to find serenity when it’s time to tap back into that work world. We’re experts at crafting wellness retreats that are both serene and relaxing as well as eye-opening and productive. Because who said hippy-dippy couldn’t have a serious purpose?

Custom, Comprehensive Wellness Retreats Like No Other

Our wellness retreats aren’t about getting a massage in the morning, practicing some trust-falls in the afternoon and calling it a day. Your team will embark on a tip-to-tail experience that targets the mind, body and soul. From farm-to-table dining with local chefs to engaging numerology to expert life coaching, our menu of wellness retreat options covers just about anything and everything your team could ever need to find balance and build their understanding of health literacy. We work with project managers and business owners to develop a completely custom-crafted corporate wellness retreat, specifically tailored to suit your team’s group and individual interests. As lifelong Lake Tahoe locals, we have some serious ins when it comes to everything from hidden local gems to killer pricing—and we use those connections create a one-of-a-kind experience that will benefit your team and your company for years to come.

Ready to embark on your team’s corporate wellness retreat? Reach out to us and let our team get started on custom-crafting your experience today.

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