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Need a little boost in productivity for your team?


It's a no brainer that if you enjoy who you work with and the work environment, you will work harder and produce better results. But, if you're a business owner or project manager for a team, how do you help facilitate this in your workplace? One of the common struggles team leaders have with their teams is that they simply don't know how to work with each other...some may be hermits, while others are chatty cathys; some may prefer to work independently, while others thrive in a team environment.

It can truly be a challenging task to whip together an effective and highly productive team with multiple personalities and opinions....but this diversity is also what fuels success. Taking the time to give your team members an opportunity to not only embrace their differences, but get to know who each person is so that they can learn how to balance their differences (as well as each person’s strengths and weaknesses), will result in a succinct and highly productive team. Let us custom craft a day or several days in Lake Tahoe for your team. We handle all logistics, the creative event planning work, producing enjoyable events, hiring & managing all the pros and vendors involved, and coordinating every element. Trust us, we are good at this - your team will thank you!

From beginners to highly skilled athletes, we have access to the best guides and limitless options for your team. Whether outdoor enthusiasts, or city dwellers, we can custom tailor a trip each person will enjoy. 

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