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Cocktails and Team building

Team building....ahh the dreaded embarrassment-chill inducing phrase that every employee hates to hear.

Firstly, erase this phrase from your mind. We prefer to take a different approach to these events and build a "workshop" - they don't quite evoke the same "Gahhhh" reaction that instantly makes everyone want to run and hide in the bathroom like in high school when your track coach was hunting you down to run the next 300m sprint. If you stay in their long enough, you'll miss the whole event right? Wishful thinking then...and as for now, well we will make sure you leave with the polar opposite opinion and reaction to our 'workshops'!

With our creative approach, we custom design an environment that all of your team members will enjoy. This firstly eases the tension and fear of the unknown, and secondly helps team members learn how to work together while enjoying themselves...that is the whole point of team building, right? The workshop options are endless, but here's a little peak into a cocktail workshop with one of our local partners, Truckee Tavern. From the wide selection of craft liquors along with an abundance of creative concoctions and accoutrements, each team member is bound to fall in love with a cocktail...and of course, their industrial-chic atmosphere. 


Photography by Andria Gutierrez